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ProStart School-to-Career Program

The Florida Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (FRLAEF) is responsible for the oversight of the ProStart School-to-Career Program on the state level.


This curriculum was designed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to teach, test, and award industry-recognized certificates to students meeting high academic standards in hospitality education. The ProStart program was developed to increase the quality and employability of today’s high school graduates by providing them with training related to important job skills as well as opportunities for careers and higher education.

The ProStart program introduces high school students to careers in foodservice and teaches the basic skills and knowledge they need for success in the industry.  This is accomplished through on-the-job training and experience, coupled with a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: This two-year program provides instruction in 25 subject areas, ranging from basic food preparation, accounting and cost control, to sanitation and workplace safety.  The classroom comes alive with job-relevant lessons, and the workplace provides hands-on learning and training. The ProStart curriculum meets the State of Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Academy requirements.
  • Job-Site Training: In Florida, the ProStart program creates a partnership between schools and their local restaurateurs to provide job-relevant education at the high school level.  During this job-site training restaurant employees work with students to help them put into practice the skills and foodservice concepts they have learned in the classroom.

The FRLAEF conducts various events during the year to support ProStart teachers and students.  Each year the ProStart Teacher Training Institute is held to update ProStart teachers on the latest in the foodservice industry.  As a way to provide ProStart students with different aspect of the foodservice industry the FRLAEF conducts ProStart Regional Instructor and Student Workshops.  The annual ProStart Culinary Team Competitions was developed to provide students with a way to compete in various foodservice competitions while gaining invaluable feedback from foodservice industry professionals and earning scholarships from various culinary colleges.  

The ProStart program represents the first rung on a student’s ladder to a successful foodservice career; it is a student’s “professional start.”  Currently, (as of the 2013-2014 school year) 236 high schools in Florida  are teaching the ProStart curriculum with nearly 20,000 students enrolled. 

For more information, contact Laura Rumer, Director, FRLAEF, 321-689-7192.


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