SafeStaff Connector November 2017

The Holidays Are Almost Here: Will your operation and employees maintain the culture of food safety to prevent the spread of foodborne pathogens?  The Holidays are a favorite time for celebrations in Florida’s restaurants.  As an operator, it is key that you keep your guests safe from potential illness.  Remember to clean, separate, cook and Read More

SafeStaff Connector May 2017

If You Haven’t Read the CDC’s Business Pulse, You Are In For A Treat:  The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) has put together an excellent resource for business in its Business Pulse.   This is a well-done interactive infographic that describes how food safety impacts business.  Don’t miss this one.

SafeStaff Connector April 2017

CDC Studies On Restaurant Food Handling and Food Safety Practices:  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently published findings from studies on food handling and food safety practices.  The studies cover beef grinding logs, chicken handling, egg handling, food allergen knowledge, food cooling, food prep, ground beef handling, hand hygiene, ill food workers, leafy green Read More

SafeStaff Connector March 2017

WHO: 10 Facts On Food Safety: The World Health Organization has published 10 Facts On Food Safety. It is a short online slide show that describes some interesting points about foodborne illness that may ‘hit home’ for your staff when conducting food safety training. For more about meaningful training techniques and the Oral Culture Learning Read More

SafeStaff Connector February 2017

Food Safety for the Big Game:  It’s a great time to think about keeping guests safe at your big game party.  Food safety is a key ingredient to any successful event, and a party celebrating your favorite team should be no exception.  Take a look at Food Safety News for a great reminder! is Read More